The first thing I do in the morning is run

Do you ever find yourself in situations where guilt or sympathy steals your thoughts? Nowadays, people are beginning to “relate” by sharing their thoughts with others who are not related to them. But this is only superficial. What is really there is only the desire to be convinced that one has a good heart. You and your family are the only ones who have the right to decide whether a person is truly good-hearted or not.

Housing complex

People who easily take advantage of justice are incapable of thinking or acting for themselves. It doesn’t matter what Tokyo is doing. It doesn’t matter if you go out on the town or if your girlfriend takes a bath at your best friend’s house. Only the parties involved can know what is true justice and morality. Your internet is being invaded by TV commercials while you’re busy with things that don’t matter.

Get stick CKlol

Something that only you like will one day be liked by someone else, and before you know it, it will be popular and belong to everyone.

At some point, don’t you become intoxicated by the fact that you are the only one who wants to experience the taste and that you are the only one who knows about it?
Someday the hobby will be distributed and flattened by those who share it. When they become the property of everyone, you realize. You realize that you are not interested in this hobby anymore. You’ve been obsessed with keeping it in your personal space. You feel as if someone has stolen it from you, and you turn away from it as if you were throwing away the doll your father gave you as a child because it was missing a leg.

But what if COMPUTERKIDS is “it” for you?
As a young boy, you hold COMPUTERKIDS dearly in your arms.
But your father knows that you will eventually have to let go of “it,” the thing you carry around with you at dinner, bath time, family gatherings, and bedtime.

COMPUTERKIDS will also accept this fate.